Thursday, 15 May 2014

Vagabond 1500 EPP ARF Ultrabatics

Vagabond 1500mm EPP from Hacker Model
VTPR or slope ultrabatics is a crazy way to fly on the slopes but also a lot of crazy fun! Just look at the videos on Steve Lange’s wonderful website if you’ve never heard before.

The most famous plane that started it all for most proponents is the Le Fish an EPP lightweight, an open source plan and also available as a short kit.  I built one with 180 degree elevator throws, goop, 3m 77 spray, lightweight laminating film etc and like any EPP model a lot of work, never mind all the materials to source and new skills needed for EPP construction!

If you wanted to get into VTPR/ultrabatics there was really no other option.
Crazy elevator throws
Now there is with the Hacker Model Vagabond recently revealed at Neuremberg exhibition, it looks very similar to a Le Fish but with none of the hard work building as it's ARF. It's already foil covered, adding strength to the EPP. It just needs radio install but is dead easy with all the hardware supplied. I just had to bring them in and I have! Expected delivery in 3-4wks and pricing £109.00, get you name down for one as I have a feeling that Ultrabatics is going to get very popular! Here’s what Steve Lange has to say about the Vagabond       

Painless entry to Ultrabatics or VTPR style of flying, now give it a go!

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