Thursday, 15 May 2014

Revised Prototype Aresti 2m

Lot's of news all of a sudden as the revised Aresti 2m prototype is here.It has structural changes to make wing stronger but biggest change is in the rudder hinge line.
The rudder is now approx 15% bigger so lets see if it gives the desired effect! Of course this one is destined for test flying but we are getting ever closer to final production spec!
Rudder now much bigger, have to see whether should run all the way
to the bottom..but fuse is very deep- may be ok.
Will it spend most of the time this way up?!! High contrast and should be easy to see.
Colour and spacing of the stripes not quite right (should be 1:2:3) but the scheme is definitely high contrast
and should be good for visability!

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