Customer Gallery

We want to see your planes! Doesn't have to be one of ours, if we've built it or you've just used our 'bits' that will do, we'll even put up piccies of you in the workshop- so if you'd like to share them with us, please send  to
Nick Pursey flying his Fu-Fix built PCM Taser Electric over the port of Cala Galera, one of best and largest marinas on the coast of Tuscany, Italy. He's supposed to be working over there but finds time to fly over the Tyrrhenian Sea. Beautiful flying site but hope he's hand catching his Taser looking at those rock everywhere!  

David Fettes with his Fu-Fix built, then rebuilt (LOL) Schwing in North Wales and flown with all the ballast in some exhilarating coastal lift; lucky guy!

Rory Gillies from the Shetlands maidens his Fu-Fix  built Luna. See the story here

Kevin Johnson is so pleased with his new Fu-Fix built Willow. Perhaps a little too pleased! 

Thomas Warren lives in the Swiss Alps (Lucky man!) and can't stop flying his Schwing 88

Perfect size he says

Schwing 88 at Hah nemoos in the Swiss Alps

Here's a blast from the past! I meant the V Ultra Pico Electric not Greg Lewis!

Both classics- Greg is threatening a return to the F3F circuit but the V Ultra Pico in electric guise is 1300w of fast hotlining just to get reaccustomed to flying again! (It's Fu-Fix built)  

.... and yes he caught it!

Simon Cocker (wing), Mark Abbots (Nose) and Ron Broughton (tail) with Simon's massive D130. I guess it takes all 3 of them to launch this beast. So far it's only seen the frontside. Simon says it's a pussy cat and has even been passing the trannie round but then he says flying the 3m Stingray straight after feels numb!  

'I've got a couple of good days with the Schwing now and am really liking it.  My CG ended up somewhere in front of 98mm & I Don't have enough Ail travel I think because the the roll rate is a bit low (I'll work on it).  Over all I feel it fly's like a bigger ship on good day (have not flown it at it's minimum yet).  Great energy, I like it'. Michael Johnson from USA

After weeks of procrastination Andrew Smallwood maidens his Schwing. He reports it was pretty uneventful  in the end.  98mm cg in light lift and just needed a bit more down elevator in crow setting otherwise to recommended settings!

Ali Sutherland maidens his Vulture F3J on the slopes, CG 105mm seems perfect. Lotta plane and he says he likes it a lot! 

David Fettes with first mouldy, which he also built himself. Great plane but keep an eye out for the new improved version coming from Sloperacer soon!

Jens Chr. Sorensen originally from Denmark but now lives in Spain maidens his P2 in Sunny Bradford after visiting us at the Sloperacer/ Fu-Fix workshops.

It's a family thing, big grins from Kasper Lechner's son from Switzerland after dad maidens his Typhoon E  

Dad used  a B40-10L from Hacker with 3s and a 15x10 Camcarbon which results in ca. 55Amps and a very steep and fast climb

Hi Tony just a picture for your gallery while flying with a friend off the cliffs on the northeast coast. Fabulous flyer, everyones impressed even this gull. Many Regards Alan Hargreave

Stephane Burtin from France maidens his Fu-Fix  Strega E conversion- just plug in RX and go (and he did!). No fuss quick fly from just about anywhere!   

Neil Jones shows his Fu-Fix bearing kit install in brand new Pike Perfection; as he says its his strongest flaps yet! (Install added just 4g including his 'blingy' carbon strap!). Beautiful work and obviously highly effective. Best of luck in the 'Worlds', Neil! 

John Austin's Extreme (!), well 'arty' for sure! 

Andrzej Tabero, lucky no 7, wins the Sloperacer Champions of Champions 2012 raffle presented by yours truly! 

Beautiful shot of Adam Richardson's Willow F3F!

Scott Ravenscroft's Pink Vampire

Rob Carson's 'Special' Aviogate P3

Jonathan Wells, Chris Louth and Derek Cowley with trio of D60's

Geoff Charlick with his new Rotmilan, lucky xxx!
Esteemed RCME columnist Andy Ellison doing unspeakable things with something long and round!

Jon Fox and buddy with their Erwins after installing with Fu-Fix Bearing Kits

Mike 'da bike' Howe over at the Fu-Fix workshops to learn how to install servos in his Typhoon wings 

Andrew Jones (+ Tranny) with his Fu-Fix commissioned special flapped Hawk F5B held by Jonathan Wells