Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Willow servo Bundle now available

With the Willow proving itself on the F3F course as well as sports flying we've put together a great deal for a servo package when you buy any version of the Willow F3F. And of course we've flown and tested them and when you look at the perfomance vs cost, you really can't do better- just like the Willow itself!

The package of 4 KST DS125MG servos for the wings and 2 Savox 255 for the fuselage gives you the precise high performance control to get the best from you model and probably the best price you'll see anywhere for these servos.

Its £113.50- less that £19 per servo and if you check out the retail price for the KST DS125MG (£39.95) that's a great saving when you buy a Willow F3F! Stocks are limited for this servo pack so bag yourself a bargain. You really don't need to spend a fortune getting a great 3m racer in the air.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

It just gets better!

2nd batch arrived today after an agonising 7 day delay in UK customs!

It just gets better. Wings are about 25 g lighter each panel and tails now all below 25g averaging around 24g. Empty weight before gear is now 1.23kg. The finish wasn't bad on the first batch but these are definitely better!

Even one of the Schwings from the first batch has now been maidened and reports back are outstanding and that's not from a top notch competition flyer!