Wednesday, 14 May 2014

New developments!

The Aresti ‘project’ has moved up a gear. In case it was missed James Hammond’s exciting new aerobatic design is actually 2 new models in various stages of production; the Aresti 2m and big brother the Aresti 108 (108’’ or approx 2.75m, a ‘3m class’ plane).

The Aresti 2m has been flown and tested extensively over the last few months. As a result revisions have been made to prototypes resulting in what we hope will be the final production version. The most significant design change is an increased rudder by approx 15%. So even though the side area and correspondingly the fin and rudder greatly increased from James's original Vector designs, it wasn't quite enough! This version is made and will be tested very shortly. It has the new rudder along with some structural changes from the original specification. 

Thank you to all the test pilots and hard work testing the 2m prototypes in all conditions and weathers…I wonder if I’ll ever get these back! Anyway we’ll know soon enough whether we can sign off the Aresti 2m for production. 

The Aresti 108, which I know has caused huge interest is in the latter parts of mould making; wings tail and joiner moulds are ready and just the final fuse mould to complete. Work is being carried out by a top EU manufacturer and those with keen eyes will guess from the workshop photos who this is! The prototypes will have the larger rudder from the off. We are very close now to the first prototype and a Big Aresti will be carving UK skies very soon.

The distribution of the new Aresti’s along with Schwings and all future models will be through a new company we have set up, Aeroteam Model Distribution Ltd (AMD). This is a new business and distinct from Aeroteam TW which was run by James Hammond and his late wife, Ming. James no longer wishes to run the distribution side for obvious personal reasons but just wants to do what he loves and that’s to design planes!

We are busy setting up the new company including new website etc and either James or myself will continue with the daily distribution side during the short interim as we become fully operational.

Sloperacer is the UK distributor for all AMD products.  

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