Monday, 10 January 2011

SlopeRacer goes racing

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After what feels like months of snow, rain, fog and family putting pay to both flying and racing, the prospect of sunshine, wind and a race on Mickies was too good a prospect to miss. So after days of supporting the missus’s self proclaimed allergy to Pledge and trips the in-laws it was 5:30am and I was heading off.

As always, the Wizard Compact was in the car with me but alone this time, as my favourite model ever it was the perfect choice to get the most fun out of a day’s racing. Arriving at Mickies to find the gate open- It must be my day! My enthusiasm was only slowed when I opened the car door and felt the icey Westerly- perhaps time for a drink and let give the sun time to get on the slope before venturing out.

By the time the other 14 pilots arrived and Knewt had but long trousers on, it wasn’t much warmer but definitely time to head over for a test flight (no practising on course). Test over and thumbs warming as I returned with my camera I realised just how cold it was as I scraped the ice from my wings.

6 hours and 9 rounds of the kind of excellent racing and fun atmosphere that the winter leagues are renown, saw the like of Martin Newnhan, Golden Balls and Knewt slug it out at the top of the field with Extremes/Freestylers and Cere’s (Ceri?) showing there’s not a fag paper between them. I had a blast carving the Compact around the sky to record a number of low 40s times with my only my thumbs keeping her above the magical 40!

All but 1 round was won with a sub 40, including Scott Edwards’ new sub 40 PB to join the 5 other round winners his day was made! Martin was the clear winner at the end of the day after performing consistently all day.

1 weekend and a completed round at each of the leagues- a fantastic start to 2011 and the run to the Champions of Champions race. I’ll be posting the unofficial scores and league positions very soon, with your assumed leagues. Please remember to let me know if you would like to change.

The prospect of my family growing very shortly after the Champions race means you’ll be in the hands of Zim this year on finals day- be Gentle with him!


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