Monday, 24 January 2011

The Sacrifices that have to be made

  Picture the scene, you’ve been told of a great new flying site just 5 miles from this week’s rugby fixture and the forecast was wind dead on the slope. Surely an opportunity to extend my Lift Ticket to Devon should not be missed- The suggestion of the missus visiting her parents whilst I had a boys day seemed very sensible to me!

Working on the principal of say it fast and then run I was in the car and away by 8:00am with dog, gliders and boots all packed. Although I’d left a cooked breakfast on the table, best turn the phone to silent ‘till she calms down! Arriving at the almost deserted car park, the view was stunning and conditions about perfect (plus or minus 20 degrees). A brief stroll along the peninsula’s track to find a landing spot and the Air One was soon away. Tracking straight with the light but reliable sea lift giving more than enough to play with the set up and Air One's excellent energy retention- just how high the half pipes could be pulled. I’m really starting to like this model!

Laziness kept me quite close to the car park for the first few flights but after a quick brew and swapping for the Compact it was easy to take a stroll down the track (main road in Devon) for what must have been the easiest cross country ever. To those walkers who didn’t spot the Compact I was a strangely slow walker who just wouldn’t look at them as we spoke My walk revealed some excellent possible Ds spots along the peninsula’s spine but my head was in too calm a place for DS.

Rugby and beer later it was time to turn the phone on and return home- she’ll be talking again in a few days (win win really) and a flying spot to return to when the lovely 3m Air Ones arrive or Ds mates come a visiting.


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