Sunday, 16 January 2011

Do you mind going flying for a couple of hours whilst I bake you a cake?

Yep I wasn’t dreaming but I wasn’t going to hang around long to check, now all I needed was a 30mph south westerly and enough charge left in the Air One and cross tail Compact I tested last week in Wales.

The Compact was in need of testing as I’ve replaced the rudder with a fixed fin, remarkably this has saved over 150grams. Back to the flying and as I drove along the Exmouth prom dodging the kite surfer’s being dragged up the beach it was clear my weight saving wasn’t needed. Yep 35mph wind and it was time to make sure the Air one’s new fus mounted ballast had done it’s job and made it heavier (by around 1kg).

A 2 handed launch tested the Air One’s stability as well not going backwards in a gale. ‘Corse she passed! and a few flights later the Air One had ripped up the cliff edge and generated a huge smile on my face- Can I claim any credit for the Air One?- Probably not. I hadn’t long started flying the Compact and Phil Taylor arrived with the aim of beating the assembly time on his Fletcher. Although Phil’s clearly spent most of the excess time on his hands with solar trim, he did manage to reduce his Fletcher assembly time to under 87 minutes!

My time Watching the Fletcher was cut short as I had a lunch time Curry and Beer to be bought for me- Sorry- some days you’re just spoilt.


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