Monday, 15 March 2010

Stregas over Leicestershire

As it’s only 2 weeks to the Champion of Champions race, Zim and partner in F3F (Adam) decided to spend this Saturday following in the turbulence of Slope Guru and personal hero Greg Dakin. A trip to their local slope of Burrough on the Hill to tune their Stregas and stand where their hero stood to learn how to extract the most possible from any hill.

A responsible adult was provided by top British EPP cutter and race designer Ron Broughton, flying his new Copycat design - although Ron’s been suffering with a bad back in recent months it’s not stopped him. It’s going to be tough for Ron to do better than the run-away victory achieved by Mark Abbots and his Polecat in last year’s EPP league but Ron doesn’t like to stand still.

Aimed at lighter days (surely not in the Summer league), the Copy cat has a longer nose and straight LE. I can’t remember the last time any of Ron’s models were not superbly designed thoroughbreds and the Copycat looks smack on the money.

Conditions were variable (as with a fair few races) but the air was consistent enough to make some set-up tweaks as well as working on those up wind and down wind turns. The Strega certainly likes to be thrashed and really hit the turns hard - Zim’s flights in the Champion of Champions race could be worth watching 

Adam and Zim were seen walking off into the distance looking to check out a potential DS site and prove that you don’t have to travel across the country to have a great day’s flying.

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