Thursday, 25 March 2010

The Electric Typhoon flies!

The prototype has flown - the most versatile model that we do, and now you don't even need a hill or any wind to fly one! I really like the way it's been designed, with the tail servos either in a little hatch just behind the wingseat, or with the elevator servo in the tail if you're putting a bit more muscle up front and need the balance. The fuse is designed to take anything up to a 35mm outrunner, which of course makes it very easy to get a seriously grunty geared inrunner in there, or even a cased outrunner like those lovely ones from MVVS.

Of course, it takes the wings and tails straight off a regular Typhoon so if you already have one and just want to get the e-fuse, no problem.

We'll get more info on the main site in due course, but we figured that we could get it on here now and let you know a little earlier! Email us at if you'd like to know any more about it.

Our pics aren't the best resolution this time around, but hey, these are spy sneaky peaky pics after all!

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