Monday, 22 March 2010

DS Artillery, Wizards and Foam Tomfoolery...

Life seems to be getting in the way of flying lately. Thursday saw the largest gathering of Sloperacer DS models anyone can remember on Rushup. Dynamic 80s and 40s took their place next to Opus MCTs and various other ‘specials’ – this was an expensive hike in the Peaks! Combined with the good conditions PBs were soon falling- congratulations to George Pilkington and Will Deighton- who were both just shy of the magic 200mph mark with their D80s, pushing Adam all the way. Special mention to George for managing 199mph on his first day DSing this model. Steve Hobday’s Opus made an unfortunate trip straight to the scene of the accident (2 ft below the hillside). Why weren’t you at work lads? Thanks to Will Deighton for the photos...

All this talk of speed had both the Midland and Southern arms of Sloperacer deciding to cash in their remaining brownie points in search of some much needed last minute practise this weekend. But both were the victims of distraction!

Buoyed by last week’s fun, Zim returned to his local slope but forgot the wind. Not to be deterred he remembered his mission and launched the Strega into what he promises me was flat calm. The Strega’s light wind abilities kept him up for a while before the model’s strength was tested AGAIN on the bottom of the hill- and (with the help of the Richardson servo tray) passed with no damage.

After a trip home to do the washing up, Zim was allowed out again. The wind had picked up, so a little F3F practice was fitted in – including George and his Predator, but they were soon distracted by foam. Perhaps feeling worried by those sparkling thumbs Adam Richardson managed to persuade Zim into combat- the big kids played all afternoon! The nearest to a mouldie Zim got for the rest of the day was stroking the excellent Dreamflight Alula and Weasel Evo of Malcolm Tie- where was the Typhoon Malcolm?

The Southern arm of Sloperacer was joined by our Junior team at Whitesheet. The team arrived to a beautiful day and light but steady breeze managing to blow precisely between the 2 slopes. The Wizard F3F was duly maidened - that nervous feeling and double checking of everything was followed by a feeling of anti-climax as the Wizard sailed straight and true into the lift and was soon scooting up and down the edge. Junior Sloperacer’s not great for using the camera for things other than digging worms so you’ll have to take my word for it.

I think Adam must have bribed my lad to keep me away from setting the Wizard up too much, what with kite flying and then being dragged to Whitesheet’s famous Hunter Lodge for lunch keeping the flying time down. But huge smiles right until we told the missus about the Sunday lunch she missed!

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