Friday, 8 February 2013

Tiny pushrods- New Product

We've been getting a lot of call for our hardware especially the M2 303 grade stainless steel pushrods but sometimes you just need a tiny pushrod and even 2 clevises butted up against each other are too long!
Teeny pushrods!

A threaded studding is required and strong ones are hard to find. We had these made at 12mm L, which incidentally will take all the threads of stock MPX M2 clevises butted end to end.
RDH adapter to clevis
Clevis to clevis

Like all our pushrods this is made from 303 grade stainless steel and fit all M2 hardware saving you the hassle of cutting up threaded pushrods, M2 bolts or threading your own (yep, been there too!). Handy bag of 4 for £3.
In use on Schwing tail servo install with ball link, RDH adapter and bearing kit, so this one had the works!

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