Monday, 11 February 2013

Dynamic D130

The first Dynamic D130 (yes 130''  and its a light one at just 30lb, unballasted !!!) has been maidened on UK shores. It's a massive DS machine much bigger than it's span suggests and redefines how solidly a plane can be built. Owner, Simon Cocker say's its a big pussy cat but then he's used to big 1/3rd scalies and the like, but I think I did detect more than a hint of sarcasm in his voice! No doubt he is working up to getting the courage to wind her up on the 'backside' for some proper Dynamic Soaring,  in the interim I think his launcher needs to get himself to the gym and start bulking up!!! Surely an attempt on the UK DS record will be made and we wish Simon the very best of luck.

Simon adding some scale to this colossus of a DS machine!

For the less committed we have stocks of the D80's and D60's ( and the odd D40). The D60 in particular is not just for DS'ing and makes an incredible front side, heavy wind model even with 7 ounces of tip ballast in each wing- Just astonishing speed! We can only imagine what the D130 will be like but I guess we'll all be hearing soon enough!

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