Thursday, 5 April 2012

Extreme F3F Summer Promotion

The Extreme F3F is our best ‘all rounder’ and an established high performance model worldwide. And the tag ‘all rounder’ doesn’t just refer to its flying performance although it is one of those planes that is nice to fly as a sports plane and a full blown competitive racer too. It is also ‘extremely’ well built!

It’s a 2.85m racer manufactured by RTGmodel, who also makes the Rotmilan, Skorpions and Needle 124 fuses. The quality is what ‘top Euro’ means, the fit, the finish and the weight of the panels.  
As to the design and performance you only have to look at any F3F race event and you will see Extremes being used. It’s designed by Norbet Habe and you won’t find any of his 3m planes near this price range especially now Sloperacer has decided to run a Summer promotion.

We normally sell the Extreme F3F for £950 where most new top end Euro mouldies have jumped up in price and are now £1200- £1600. Everywhere else in the EU the Extreme F3F is a £1000 plane. Not only that, this is for the standard spec full carbon Extreme F3F with carbon reinforced tows in the fuse. The Sloperacer spec is better and has the stiffer full carbon boom and 2.4 friendly nose hatch area.

We have an order being produced ready approximately for June delivery and taking pre orders for £899 + post and packing. This deal includes a set of Fu-Fix bearing kits (worth £24.95) and a wiring loom with genuine MPX plugs (worth £27.50). The Extreme comes with ballast tube, tow hook, pushrod snakes and moulded radio tray installed! It also comes with 10 slugs of 20mm diameter x 37mm long ballast! (Which we would normally sell at £35).   
So here’s an opportunity to get a top euro 3m for not that much more than the cost of a far eastern produced 3m and when you consider what is included and how much is done for you, there really isn’t too much in it with this offer. Get your order in now for Summer delivery!

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