Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Rotmilan from RTG model

Ohh, this one is hard to get hold of and here's the latest we have at Sloperacer. It's just beautifully made in spreadtow with a clean wing using the RDH system. We love the model, love the linkages and now stock the system. (We are developing an adapter to use conventional horns for retro fitting).
Back to the Rotmilan itself- this is Norbet Habe's latest masterpiece and conceived with the late Milan Demcisak Snr. Son, Milan, has now taken the reins of RTG model (makers of Extreme & Skorpion) and quality of his work is outstanding- just check out the moulded wipers! Others with a more serious approach to drooling over beautiful new models should have a look at the comp results!    

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  1. I Love mine, the drive system is superb!!!