Thursday, 29 March 2012

A couple of new products at Sloperacer

We're always scouring round for good hardware and accessories and if we can't find them for our beloved gliders then we'll make them or get them made for us! Here's a couple we've done exactly just that.

The first is a tiny high current electronic switch we spec’d up exclusively for Sloperacer for use in moulded gliders. It’s called the Secure Switch Harness.
Love ‘em or hate ‘em the humble switch along with batteries are the most common source of failure in our high tech, ultra sleek and not to mention expensive composite gliders. Digi Servos can draw much higher currents when asked and this can cause greater wear in the contacts, whether its a switch or a simple plug.
Treat your glider to a safer solution!
The 'Sloperacer Secure Switch Harness' (yes I know, SSSH!) is designed to deal with higher current, in fact up to 20a continuously, far more safely than the mechanical switches we all have used. The beauty is that the power to the RX doesn’t go through the ‘switch’ at all- only a tiny current is used here and that is just to ‘switch’ the electronic switch contained in the harness. So it looks like a normal toggle switch and works like a normal switch but if this toggle fails it defaults to open so you still have power going to your radio gear. There’s a blue light to tell you when it’s on and you have a normal charge lead. When you turn it off, the light goes off, simple! Of course we could have bypassed the toggle switch and used a fancy 'magnetic switch’ instead but for me at least, I know I’ll loose or forget the magnet. Heck, I find it hard enough to remember the joiner, the ballast and oh yes, the tranny as it is!
Tech sheet to come but other features are high quality German universal plugs for Futaba and JR type (just remove small side tabs first), 200mm total length with 100mm leads (all 22swg) that will be enough for most skinny gliders. Available now, £22 incl post and packing in UK, overseas + cost of airmail letter.    

Next we have CNC motor mounts for geared motors covering Hacker and Kontronik. These are tough 2.4mm G10 and all approx 43mm in diameter. The biggest problem supplying motor mounts is that every body wants a different size to fit their glider nose. Maybe its 31.5mm, or 37.5mm or something really strange! Well these come with a CNC spinning plate to bolt onto the mount which finds you the exact centre. Its sized at 2mm so straight fit onto a Dremel arbour to spin up the exact diameter you want (or even with a slight chamfer!). Priced at £7.50 per set of Motor mount and spinning plate or available individually. Buy them to use or buy them as really accurate templates and make your own!  

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