Monday, 14 February 2011

Crossfire-2 F3F & F3B delivery imminent! update - now arrived!

Good news today! The first part of our order for these stunning models is just about ready to ship. From what I've heard from a couple of friends of SlopeRacer who are flying these aircraft, they have something very special, in both handling and just out and out speed. Personally I can't wait to unpack this shipment as Aer-O-Tec's extraordinary reputation for jewel-like quality is second to none. Here are the schemes coming our way - get in touch at for more information and pricing.

UPDATE: now unpacked... Firstly these are the latest spec with the full 1.6kg ballast load centred on the CG. F3B wings come in at around 600g each and are seriously stiff. The fuselages are superlight and mega-stiff with Aer-O-Tec's new fuse construction technique.

The F3F wings, however, are outrageous! They come in a little heavier at around 660g but with that double carbon C160 construction they are absolutely rock solid. Coupled with carbon Disser tail construction and you have a beautifully specified model. As with Crossfires past, I fancy this one wouldn't be troubled by a little DS action! And it's all on show with the entire underside of these models as well as the topside lettering in naked carbon. An absolutely stellar effort from Stefan Eder at Aer-O-Tec.

Click on the small pictures for a full size... No 67 now sold.

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