Sunday, 20 February 2011

Close-up: The Predator II... and a great SlopeRacer deal as well!

Designed by Gudmund Malones of Norway, the Predator 1 was an attempt to create a model which gave top shelf F3B and F3F performance at a reasonable cost. Nearly two years on, with the feedback of many top level pilots from all over the world, including the UK's John Phillips, and we now have the Predator II.

A Proven Race Winner

The Predator 1 was always a  model to be reckoned with. Its out and out speed was proven in no uncertain terms in the UK in 2010 with John Phillips taking victory in both the BMFA F3F Summer League as well as the fastest international F3F race in the world, the Welsh Open, with his red Pred.

The speed and efficiency of the Predator 1 wing was never in any doubt, so it was left well alone for v2! But it was felt that a little more stability in slow circling flight and in high speed flight in turbulent conditions would make a great model even better. So the centre dihedral was increased by 0.5〫and the V tail angle was steepened. An all new tail was designed with new sections to give the Predator II more authority in yaw and pitch.

And of course the final touch was to create an up to the minute slender F3x fuselage design to minimise drag, and redesign the V tail linkages to a "pull for up" system. The Predator was always intended to be as much for the winch as for the slope, and the entire wing construction was revised to ensure that the model has what it takes to soak up a decent winch launch as well as the biggest conditions the slope can throw at it!

Seems like the construction revisions worked - at an event shortly after the Predator II's launch, a competitor in Norway took out a ski pole being used as a sighting post during an F3B speed run - the Predator suffered some slight paint damage to the leading edge, whilst the ski pole was snapped into three pieces! Check out Jo Grini's on-board winch video below... You can see that all the characteristics that make a great racing model also translate to make a great sports model - easy handling, speed and great aerobatic agility...

predator v2 winch onboard from Jo Grini on Vimeo.

I'm convinced enough by the revisions to this model that I'm using one myself this season alongside my new Strega. Aside from the one that I've snaffled from stock, we have both glass and carbon lay-ups now in stock in the colours shown in the slide show below, and there's a special SlopeRacer deal going - you get a free wiring loom worth £25.00 and SlopeRacer designed radio tray worth £10.00 with the model - the tray makes the fuse install a snap - they are laser cut and are detailed even down to the pilot holes for the servo screws so all the guesswork is taken out of the fuse install for you! Also great news is that the Hyperion DS13TMB will fit at all stations in the wing, bringing the cost of a full Hyperion digital install (including the 2 x DS11AMB in the fuse) to just £164.

NOW, how about this for an awesome SlopeRacer deal!

We're doing what is possibly the best ever deal that we've ever done on a 3m model. If you buy a Predator II from this batch, either in carbon or glass, then you get a FULL Hyperion digital radio pack as above INCLUDING a high quality Intellect 2/3A 1600mah battery for just £150.00. The full retail on this package (based on regular non-SlopeRacer prices) is £179.65 - so that's a saving of £29.65 on a great radio pack for this model, plus the free loom and radio tray!

That's a Predator II complete with wiring loom, custom SlopeRacer radio tray, and ALL THE RADIO GEAR for just £800 for the glass, and £900 for the carbon. You'll just need to build it and drop in your rx and you're ready to go. When this batch is gone, though, the deal's over, so get in touch quickly if you fancy it...

Prices for the model on it's own incl free loom and tray are £650 for the glass and £750 for the carbon.

Have a look at the finish on that wing in the slide show. Treat yourself to a fantastic evolution of a proven winner. Whether you want to win races, or spend days lazily chasing thermals, or just hoon around like your pants are on fire, the Predator II won't disappoint!


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