Saturday, 19 June 2010

The Sunbird is Back!

We first stocked the Sunbird about a year ago, and whilst it was clear that it is a great 60” design, there were some aspects of it that could benefit from a little production detailing. We are now happy to announce that by working with RCRCM we have not only managed to substantially improve the airframe in several ways, but also get the price right down to £199!

We’ve had a decent weight of carbon wrap put in around the wingseat area and have also specced the front end to be 2.4 ghz friendly, and substantially reinforced with Kevlar – not just glass! We’ve also added a nice beefy incidence pin at the leading edge of the wing to make rigging easier and to ensure that the model retains its precision no matter how heavy the conditions. The Sunbirds also feature the new moulded in elevator bellcrank which guarantees perfect alignment at the back. And despite the fact that this model is superb in light air, it now also caters for the stronger stuff by coming standard with a massive 20mm ballast tube!

Radio-wise, the Sunbird now comes with mildly bumped servo covers so the servo choices are kept wide open. Battery-wise, you’re best off with your choice of 4 or 5 cell AAA cells, with the optional Sloperacer radio tray (£5) already configured for these fitments.

And of course, the most notable change – we've created a new Sunbird logo and Sloperacer scheme – some photos below – enjoy!

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