Friday, 18 June 2010

BMFA F3F League at Whitesheet

After the first two rounds failed to give a result by round 3 we were getting desperate. Desperate enough for a field of over 30 to register to come to Whitesheet in Wiltshire, regardless of the forecast.

I packed my Strega (now 2.4 ghz friendly) although a maiden/trimming flight was needed with the new 2.4 fuse. Whitesheet is not the highest hill but on the way to the bottom I could tell there was still noseweight to be added - I could tell the air wasn't great! Seems to be becoming a habit of mine! Still no damage done, radio worked fine, and with 10g added, she was back to the way I like her.

Whitesheet isn’t a Welsh hill, but it can be a great place to fly and will really punish mistakes with big time penalties. Although it can be a frustrating venue in some ways for F3F, it certainly provides a completely different kind of racing and helps to give the league a variety it needs.

I won’t go into great detail on the race here, as Mike Shellim gives a very comprehensive report on Mike Shellim's excellent RC Soaring site but I will say that this comp certainly shook things up. I got lucky with a top ten finish, and some big names finished well down the order. John Bennett took the honours with his New Sting, with Simon Thornton showing his ability compete successfully in any conditions by coming in second with his Extreme F3F and Ceres. John Phillips reminded us that he’s always a force to be reckoned with, coming in third with his Predator. Mick Walsh notably reeled in a seriously fast piece of air to record FTD with a time some 5 seconds quicker than anything else posted that day. Also good to see Andy Freeman competing despite having the most awful run of luck lately with having a few years worth of crashes crammed into a couple of weeks.

It was also great to see my good buddy Rocket Ronnie Lampe the Lips taking a round win with his Strega - go Ron!

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