Sunday, 18 April 2010

Extreme makes an impact in Devon.

One of the beauties of living on the coast in the sunshine is the sea breeze. Combined with some stunning cliffs means that on most warm days there’s the chance to fly. This weekend finally managed to combine Sloperacer’s southern wing, a Wizard F3F and those breezes.

After meeting up with Phil Taylor - keen to test out his new Extreme - a short walk got us to some stunning scenery and some cooling clean lift. I was off first and the Wiz didn’t let me down - you’re just always confident to have it banked over and pulling hard even in the lightest of air! Phil’s smile was obvious as he realised why there are so many Extremes flying in the UK - just damned good to fly!

The gods weren’t with us for long, as Phil managed to pick out the one rock on the landing zone and my transmitter developed a sticky elevator stick. But can’t grumble walking back to the cars in those conditions!

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