Wednesday, 14 April 2010

A Day at the Races...

Although only half of Sloperacer’s 4 magic thumbs could make the first round of the SWSA Ken Phillips Trophy, Zim’s new arrangement with his Strega (I won’t hit you against a rock if you go fast) seems to be working. On a day that gave stunning winds and sunshine smack on the Wrecker, the field of just 16 pilots had plenty of time on the course.

With the Viking Race just a few weeks away the Dark Lord Dakin opened the comp with some smooth and fast Nordic turns putting in an excellent bench mark. Greg had missed Adam Richardson from his ritual curse and so he was able to win the first round with his Precious.

The VR team members of Greg, Martin, Joel and Simon led the way all day and showed the field exactly where the compression was all day to claim the top 4 places.

Unfortunately Zim’s agreement with his Strega just couldn’t stretch to flying THAT close to a huge lump of rock and so, despite beating his PB 3 times that magic sub 40 time didn’t come - missed by a tenth of a second! It was only that first round win that kept Adam ahead of Zim - a consistently good race from the Sloperacer Strega.

Special mention should be made of John Treble, despite breaking his Race M in the pre-comp sports fly he stayed all day as Buzzer supremo - you are excused the Dark Lord’s magic next time!

And as a final treat for us all, Greg flew his awesome Baudis Salto 4m carbon after the comp with a fantastic display of high energy aerobatics - lots in the slideshow...

Me - ahh the garden’s looking grand

1 Simon Thornton 9699.58
2 Joel West 9672.54
3 Martin Newnham 9017.76
4 Greg Dakin 8970.76
5 Adam Richardson 8929.32
6 Warrick Smith 8884.60
7 Andy Freeman 8844.62
8 Jonathan Sage 8751.59
9 Adrian Bedford 8727.88
10 Mark Passingham 8597.79

PS If you're interested in having a go at F3F, this is what the Ken Phillips Trophy is all about - it is a summer league meant to offer a lower pressure entry into the sport than the BMFA summer league, and anyone is welcome to come and have a go. Contact us through the site and we'll put you in touch with the right people if you'd like to get involved. Lots of help on hand during the day if it's your first time!

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