Thursday, 18 September 2014

Aresti 108 video

The Aresti 108 flew yesterday at the Bopeep Hill in the downs near Lewes, East Sussex. Conditions were much better than the maiden just a few days ago and around 15-20mph. Only its 2nd outing it was flown by 5 pilots including Greg Lewis, who nonchalantly handed around the transmitter! Despite it’s size it’s actually very easy to fly with no vices. The energy retention just keeps it going and she looks beautiful carving big shapes. The roll rate is outstanding especially for a big plane and it was even ballasted up with 1kg of fuse provision (12 slugs of 19mm, ¾’’, 35mm long brass) making a total flying weight of approx 4.8kg. There’s approx another 1.4kg to go in the wings with a 610mm long 19mm round brass bar that wasn’t felt necessary.
Here it is, a very honest unadulterated raw video shot with Gro Pro on Greg’s head. You’ll get an idea of what it did but what isn’t conveyed so well is the sheer size and presence not only of the airframe but those loops and bunts are enormous!

The airframe shows no sign of stress, which is as well as the joiner and spars are enormous and because the wing is thick and has a broad chord, it’s not bendy or twisty. The fuse is also very strong especially along the boom fin juncture with a full carbon except for the canopy area.

Proto radio tray built mostly in 6mm ply
Production one will be moulded and factory fitted, but
same principle and will add a huge amount of strength
to the nose area.  
One of the features of the Aresti design is the 2 piece tail and elevator design. The tails are very firmly held in place and no wobbly tail plane as you’ll find in most all moving tail designs but more importantly pitch control needs very little deflection only +/-8mm with 40% expo. This all contributes to the energy retention and efficiency that the Aresti 108 is showing. Aside from the deep sides it’s actually a very clean design. Even with full size servos in the wing the covers are flush!    

It clearly doesn’t need a gale or epic hill to do this and looks so smooth it’s one of those rare planes that can make your flying look better! The guys had a blast, what more could we have asked for so early on in prototype testing. I have a feeling we are not far off, just minor installation details to make the build pain free and linkages optimised. This is going to be very easy to put together and thoroughly complete!

Aresti family!

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