Monday, 17 March 2014

Aresti 2m and other prototypes at Moel Famau, S. Wales

Aresti prototype now with some paint on wings!
What a wonderful day of testing on Sunday 16/3/2014 with the Aresti 2m at Moel Famau. Quite a different experience from the epic conditions of last w/e but still fun trying to thermal inverted! 

Beautiful Spring day, 15mph at stunningly beautiful welsh hill,.  
Testing the Aresti in these sort of conditions on a hill more suited to climb and dive than flying in close with lots of compression gave a good indication of the prototype's light wind performance. Thermal setting was increased with a tad of down elevator compensation and it climbed away easily. Jonathan Wells did the testing and treated the onlookers to rolls and occasional bunts/loops with a fair bit inverted.
Geoff Charlick beaming away
after another great flight with his Rotmilan,
the sort of model you would normally
use in the conditions
Jonathan Well with own design
camera mount (!!) for his new
Mobius action cam
Wind was off a little to the right, all the ballast out, now will it thermal inverted?  Jonathan Wells pilot, Geoff launching.
Of course it did, quite funny really. Not the perfect day for a model like the Aresti but it was more than capable enough for the conditions and never looked as though it was struggling.
Aresti on it's approach after another successful test flight
Landed in soft heather! 
The next prototype Aresti with revised lay up specification will be with us shortly. This will be much closer to the final production version. Below are other prototype/test models, some now finalised and shortly to be released.
Trio of prototypes from  left clockwise: Brit Schwingey (2kw, 6s),
Carbon Schwing with 2x200g Carbon coreless construction and now 'Brit' Aresti

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