Monday, 28 May 2012

First batch of Schwings are here!!!

Production has started and here's the first batch! It's been a journey and with fantastic flight reports from the test pilots this day has been eagerly awaited.
Another 5 already on it's way its going that's approx 5 per week. Our distributors will have to wait a bit longer until I can verify the consistency of the quality but these look good.
So how have the Schwings changed from the initial prototypes:

  1. Ball raced bell crank fully enclosed and factory fitted. So too are both the elevator and rudder snakes. 
  2. Boom now has substantial carbon reinforcement from the rear of the canopy opening all the way back. Also the fin has carbon reinforcement. Some would call it 'full carbon', very nearly anyway!
  3. Ballast tube for standard 20mm/3/4'' ballast round slugs included long enough for 8 slugs (approx 700g). Also wing ballast provision for additional 200g.  
  4. Revised aileron/flap lengths after extensive testing and big thank you to our test pilots.
  5. Lighter tails now around typically 25g each!
  6. Revised geometry for metal wing horns enabling a flush cover fit for both the aileron and flap servos.

Of course because of the massive spars and joiner we have retained the glass lay up wing and can't see any reason for a full carbon version. One of the prototypes has been flying in gusts up to 65mph with AUW of 2.9kg!
We are busy writing the build instructions and getting stocked up on the ancillaries like wiring looms, bagsets, ballast etc but were getting there and today has been a very happy day indeed!

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