Monday, 30 January 2012

M1.7 Fu-Fix Bearing Kits

Such a simple product is fast becoming very important in getting the best out of your servos. Here's the latest addition to the range, M1.7 for those tiny Hyperion DS09AMDs. Perhaps we'll see some on a DLG! Not that that was the intention, DS09AMD are sub 9g servos used in the tail and ailerons of many e-soarers and not necessarily small ones, as they are one of the recommended choices for a couple of 4m Vladimir Models' planes!

Even, the plastic geared Hyperion DS09SCD can use the same shaft as it is close enough to recut  the thread using just the M1.7 shaft. They add approx 2 g but the benefits in reducing head rock can mean your surfaces can feel much more rigid and of course your servo can experience less wear.
The shafts are all with the lastest design with flats next to the arm and at the end giving greater versatility in how you mount the servo and bearing housing. So now, anywhere you can fit the servo, you can fit the bearing kit!

Here’s the updated range before I put it up on the main website:     

Hyperion DS09AMD,
Hyperion DS11AMB.
(Also Hyperion DS09SCD using M1.7 shaft to re-cut thread).
Savox 255.
Hitec 65, 81, 85,125 (and all Digi versions),
Hyperion DS095FMD,
All MKS 6125 variants Incl DS6100 and DS6188,
Hyperion DS13 range.
Futaba 3150/3155,
Sanwa 762 (Airtronics 94761Z), JR/Graupner wing servos,
Turnigy aluminium A55H,
Hyperion DS16 range.

Fu-Fix bearing kits are now sponsoring Team Haley for F3B and F3J in the UK. T 


  1. The best bearings would still be the metal ones. Tested and proven to give the best results. white metal bearings

  2. John, the Fu-Fix bearing kits use metal shielded bearings 8x5x2.5mm. I'm sure there are more exotic types available but we use these in the 1000's and I have found them very good for this application.