Sunday, 29 August 2010

The Wizard Compact II...

  I first saw the Wizard Compact back in 2002. Without seeing the model in the flesh or knowing of its racing pedigree I was hooked.  “It just looks right” was written for the Wizard Compact!  With the first SlopeRacer lay-up models due in a couple of weeks it’s great to see that the quality of this legendary model is still fantastic.  The strength and stiffness of the Compact is always amazing but those colours are just mouth watering.
The price of the Wizard Compact has always been as magnificent as the quality, but not any longer! SlopeRacer has achieved the impossible and brought the Wizard in for £695 - an incredible price for a classic.   The SlopeRacer lay-up features a Carbon D box to give you the best compromise of strength and lightness and come in schemes which include one to match the yellow and white model shown here, and also the famous "McLaren" Wizard scheme. One of the ultimate slope classics, and now to be a stock model here at SlopeRacer!
Have a read of Knewt's review of the X-tail...

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