Friday, 9 July 2010

New 2m racing class!

We're hoping to encourage new racers into the sport of F3F, so with the help of a few friends (thanks Andrzej, Jon, Mike and Ron) we've added a 2m class to the winter F3F leagues. The winter leagues are far more informal than the summer leagues, yet offer some of the fastest racing of the year. It's a great mix of having willing and expert help on offer, whilst being as competitive as you choose to be. And if you want to really have a crack at it, then the winner of each region's new 2m class will get to go up against the nation's finest F3F pilots at our annual Champion of Champion's bash at the Bwlch at the end of the winter leagues!

Have a read about it HERE and we hope that you'll give it a go - remember - ANY model under 2m will do - please don't think that you need to have the latest top gear to compete - you really don't - just come along and try it out - you'll be welcomed with open arms and lots of support and advice!

Thanks to Mike Evans for the photo of the Typhoon 2m on the base at La Muela.

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