Monday, 28 March 2011

Champion of Champions 2011 - Take 1...

With a high pressure bubble sitting over Wales all weekend, we didn't really have a chance in getting a comp in, despite mildly encouraging forecasts. Still, despite the lack of racing conditions, it was great to catch up with all the chaps from the racing community once again, and take a few pictures. Most of them are just blokes in orange bibs I'm afraid! 

Notable captures are Richard Bago with his specially commissioned hat, John Phillip's custom felt tip schemed Wizard - carbon dating required on this one and Scott Ravenscroft undergoing a rather stressful flight with his Vampire into almost zero lift on the Back of Wrecker... Oh and great to see Abbo and the Extreme F3F re-united!

See you all again for take two - fingers crossed for some wind!

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Another happy Strega owner...

Dan Montuschi successfully maidened his glass Strega F3F today in light conditions - congratulations Dan, and thanks for sending in the picture! Now, let's hope for some stronger conditions next time out so that you can test that new construction that I've been raving about!

Thursday, 3 March 2011

My childhood dream glider - FINALLY!!!

When I was growing up in Zimbabwe, there was an RC gliding club across the road from my house. RC was super-expensive back then, and especially so in Zimbabwe, and my family couldn't afford the luxury. So I just used to ride over there every Sunday on my Raleigh Chopper :) and watch the guys fly every weekend.

The model that I dreamed of owning was the Airtonics Aquila. I've been really keen to find an original Airtronics kit untouched with the Duralene fuselage, so that I can build one myself, but one has to be realistic, as firstly they are almost impossible to find, and secondly, I'm pretty short on building time for myself!

So when I found out that the very excellent Peter Beadle had one in his hangar ready to go, I virtually begged him to sell it to me! And gent that he is, he agreed to sell it to me, and she now awaits me picking her up.

Gentle hi-start, and then floating about in the summer with that lovely all flying rudder - aaaaaah - can you taste the nostalgia?! I can't wait! And Pete - thank you so very much mate!