Thursday, 25 November 2010

2011- It’s going to be fast!

The snow’s not started to settle yet and the news for 2011 is looking great for racers and speed lovers. Spring will see the arrival of the first CROSSFIRE 2 models. We’re absolutely thrilled to be the UK distributor of this cutting edge model, as well as the other Aero-tec models. With an super slim 7.55-7.9% 2970mm wing that’s ultra stiff and light thanks to it’s use of double carbon up to the aileron servos and then single carbon. Every part of this model has been designed for performance and winning.

Available in both F3B and F3F lay-ups the 2.94m span CROSSFORE 2 is a fantastic piece of kit. The SlopeRacer models will come with bags, ballast and wiring loom included- with of course a 2.4Gig friendly fuselage.

Friday, 19 November 2010

Vampires Arrive in the UK!

and with that, we got a spooky, misty day for their first photoshoot... I'm not going to write much this time around - I think the pics speak for themselves - this model really is out of this world...

Thursday, 11 November 2010

New UK DS records for the Dynamics!!!

Thanks to some brave radar gunning from the lads, I managed to record a 292mph pass today with my Dynamic D80 at the Skirrid - a new UK record. Thanks a lot for the radar marksmanship, chaps!

It was a really wild day up the Skirrid today - very very vicious walk/ stumble/ crawl (yes really!) up to get there with the winds really pretty mega over the top. Pretty crossed off to the South as well which meant that there was a LOT of movement in the air on the back of the hill. Unfortunately this meant that some airframes were destroyed, one in excess of 250mph, but it also meant that everyone up there got a new personal best!

Adam Richardson blew the UK 60" record away completely with his Dynamic 60, clocking up a 271mph pass at the end of a beautifully judged series of laps right after one of the rain showers.

Mark Abbotts guided his Opus MCT to 283mph at the end of the day - just 1mph down on his nemesis Mark Southall!

Andy Bourne, on only his 5th DS trip to the "bigtime" ridges, howled past 200 with a 216mph with his Dynamic 80 and a 192mph with his Dynamic 60 - well done Andy - superb flying.

And Steve Forbes, returning after a bit of a layoff, eased himself back in nicely by upping his personal best with some great laps with his Kinetic 60 to clock up 204mph.

After this trip, I'm convinced that we can go well well over 300mph in the UK - in fact I'm sure that we will go over 350. An absolutely incredible experience just to be there today, which I heartily recommend to anyone!

No pictures today as it was a little too wet and wild to take the camera up, but I'll leave you with this shot of the man who has brought this incredible level of performance to all of us with his fantastic Dynamic airframes - Joe Manor - thanks man!!!

Joe D80T

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

The Legendary JW60 is coming! and now it's all moulded!

We are humbled to announce that Bill and Jason of L2 Airframes are working with us here at SlopeRacer to bring their awesome new full moulded JW60 to Europe. It promises to be everything that everyone has learnt to expect from a JW - great aerobatic handling, comfortable in a huge range of conditions, rock-solid in DS and as quick as you would expect from the world record holding DS foamie! But if you thought that a foam J-Dub was good, then check out the extra fire-power that you get with the moulded version:

  • Radically slimmed down fuselage
  • Joe Wurts has taken away all the compromises in the airfoil and wing planform that were introduced due to the limitations of foamie construction and manufacturing methods - this is the full flavour JW!
  • The wing is fully filleted into the fuse to further reduce drag
  • Top driven bottom hinged wing surfaces to keep almost all of the linkage internal, again for minimum drag.
  • Super-simple construction - you're looking at 3-4 hours of build time with this model.
It will be available in two versions - a frontside and light DS version at around 1450g (50oz), and a ballistic frontside and heavy DS version at 2100g (75oz).

Watch this space for more information about availability - please get in touch to register your interest as the list is already growing!